7 Step Awakening
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7 Step Awakening Course
Seminars are held in ENGLISH

7 Step Awakening tan-tra course is based on knowledge combined from several traditions.
The course consists of 7 steps:

Step 1: Tantric Pulsations
Step 2: The Awakening of Sexuality
Step 3: Step into your power


Teacher of tan-tra: Vishv (Vsesvet)
Seminars by Vsesvet were held in Norway, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Ukraine, Egypt

10,000 participants from all over the world
15 years of teaching
22 years of personal practice

Vsesvet studied in the tradition of world-famous teachers such as Osho, Hubbard, Ronald Lafayette, Stanislav Grof, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

He is the author of 7 Step Awakening tan-tra course which combines the knowledge acquired from different traditions.

In his approach, he adheres to the preservation of the purity of tantric practices, and the ecology of personal boundaries, directing attention to the disclosure of the potential of each participant.

"My task is not to teach, but to help each participant remember their unique tantric abilities. Everyone has a knowledge of tan-tra from birth" - Vsesvet
Q: First of all, what is tan-tra?
Tan-tra is a spiritual and cultural tradition, originating in ancient India, that seeks to attain spiritual liberation and bliss through rituals and practices such as meditation, visualization, and physical techniques such as yoga. It emphasizes the use of energy and consciousness in the pursuit of enlightenment.
Q: Can tan-tra affect my relationship with my partner?
Yes, tan-tra can have an impact on one's relationship with their partner. Tan-tra is a spiritual practice that emphasizes the connection and unity between individuals. By practicing tan-tra, individuals can develop a deeper understanding and connection with their partner, leading to stronger relationships. However, it's important to note that like any spiritual or personal development practice, the effects of tan-tra on a relationship can vary greatly depending on the individuals involved and how they approach the practice.
Q: Do I need a partner to join?
Q: Can I join with my partner?
For sure, and you will have to stay with your partner for the whole event or can change for exercises if you want. But it's not obligatory.
Q: Is there a nudity?
Q: What is a Friday-only ticket?
Friday only ticket is a ticket for people who are not sure if they want to have the whole experience. If you want to expand your participation after Friday - you will have an opportunity to pay the difference between a last call ticket and a Friday ticket.
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