Sound healing with ancient instruments

16 October 19:00-21:00
Sound healing with ancient instruments

Event will be held in ENGLISH

Sound Healing (sound therapy) is an entire field that studies the effects of sound waves, timbres and harmonics on the human body and psyche.

Each musical instrument has a unique sound frequency and structures our inner water. We will work with a wide range of harmonic vibrations from low to high. A 2-hour Sound Healing practice designed to:
- aligning and harmonizing our inner state;
- resetting the mind, restarting mental processes;
- calming of thoughts and connection with the body;
- removal of blocks, tension, fatigue, psychosomatic effects
anti-stress effect
- Restoration of resources and a burst of energy

Yaroslav Nevertii

Geographer, ethnographer and multi-instrumentalist, Yaroslav Mango lives inspired by the majesty and magic of life, the nature of places, human development and spiritual growth.
Called to serve by channeling the mystery of life transmitting the sound, vibrations and the divine frequency of the beauty that is found in all creation to support the evolution of consciousness.

Since 2010 Yaroslav has organized retreats, workshops, concerts, expeditions and one-on-one sessions to the Far East, Africa, Asia, South America and across Europe.
This journey has taken him to study the principles of nature and the dynamics of life in different fields of art and wisdom, such as music, sculpture massage and osteopathy.

Yar brings the medicine of the ancient times playing didgeridoo, shamanic drum, jew's harp, overtone flutes, african ngoni, indian pimak, singing bowls and overtone singing, opening the space to support healing, spiritual awakening and the blessings of divine music and frequency.

As a Soundhealer, Yar guides and holds ceremonial spaces. Focus in discovering the unique gifts of each human and the evolution of consciousness.
60 CHF
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