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  • Yaroslav Nevertii
    Serve for the benefit of all living beings. Geographer. Since 2010, participant and organizer of many ethnographic expeditions: the Far East, Africa, Asia, South America, Europe. The focus is on research and interaction with unique nature, places of power. Creating mandala altars from natural materials

    Soundchaneller. Since 2012, conducting sound meditations, retreats, concerts, soundheeling sessions. At the sound session I play on didgeridoo, shamanic drum, jew's harp, overtone flutes, african ngoni, indian pimak, singing bowls, overtone singing.

    Sculptor. I’ve been working with clay since 2008. I collect clay around the world and create a collection of sacred sculptures.
    Since 2018, I have created a healing therapeutic protocol NeuroClay aimed at developing human abilities by interacting with clay.
  • Kathrin Rebsamen
    Kathrin means "the pure one" and PURE PRESENCE is the key to embodied communication and truthfulness for which I stand in my circles, groups and 1to1 offers.
    Rich of 20 years of experience in communication, coaching and energy work, I have let go of many things I learnt to welcome the unknown which can show up when we are radically present. Forget what you know, let me guide you out of your mind, into your body, to explore real connection and purposeful communication with yourself and others.

  • Sergey Tarasov
    Sergey Tarasov has more than 15 years of practice, meditation, and spiritual travel; he is a group facilitator. Owner of a production business in China, business coach, coach, yachtsman, tea master, and spiritual guide.

    He was brought up by his grandmother, who was a healer.
    At 23, he left for Western China, studied the traditions of Buddhism, practiced tea ceremonies, and studied with OSHO masters.
    At 30, he studied with Shamans in Brazil on the Frequencies of Light in practices with medicine.
    Now a yachtsman, connecting with the nature of plants, the elements of water and wind.
  • Vsesvet

    Vsesvet studied in the tradition of world-famous teachers such as Osho, Hubbard, Ronald Lafayette, Stanislav Grof, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    He is the author of "Kundalini: 7 Step Awakening" course which combines the knowledge acquired from different traditions.

We trust and host
  • Daniel
    Masseur, Architect, Carpenter, Musician
    As part of my ongoing Training in Lomi Lomi Massage, I offer Massage Sessions at lower Rates.


  • Maria Rakotonarivo
    Theatre director and founder of Theatre Studio BELOE in Geneva, Zug, and Zurich
    For 6 years all her life was connected to the theatre: she was playing and then directed in the youth theatre, studied production and staging at East Carolina University, USA, and attended advanced professional training for physical theatre directors and actors at the London International School of Performing Arts. In 2015 she opened a studio of physical theatre, the one and only in Switzerland. Theatre Beloe has already collaborated with the leading state museums, held dozens of retreats and performances, and attended 5 international festivals. Now it is open for new students, who desire to perform on stage and improve their well-being.
  • Nadya Thomassin
    Craniosacral Therapy, Perinatal Yoga Teacher, Master of Family Systems Approach
    Working as a Craniosacral Therapist and a Perinatal Yoga teacher, coaching as a Master of Family Systems Approach
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