Kundalini meditation with traditional tea ceremony
Kundalini meditation with traditional tea ceremony
Together we go through dynamic kundalini meditation, especially good in the evening, and then integrate energies during traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Entire duration - 2 hours (1 hour of meditation, 1 hour of tea ceremony)
Kundalini meditation is a dynamic one, so you move pretty actively. Take your eyeblinds with you if you have it.

Seats are limited

Sergey Tarasov
Facilitatior is Sergey Tarasov who has more than 15 years of practice, meditation, and spiritual travel. He is an owner of a production business in China, business coach, coach, yachtsman, tea master, and spiritual guide.
He was brought up by his grandmother, who was a healer. At 23, he left for Western China, studied the traditions of Buddhism, practiced tea ceremonies, and studied with OSHO masters. At 30, he studied with Shamans in Brazil on the Frequency of Light in practices with medicine.
As a yachtsman he connects with the nature of plants, the elements of water and wind.

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